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Who is G lett ?

Playing as a local DJ with childhood friends in and around his hometown Hackney, Glett used to have a habit of spinning instrumentals and freestyle singing over the track. He has carried this amazing skill into his musical creations.

Growing up in a household where music was a theme for almost everything, playing with his dads records at an early age and scratching them in the process. Genuine young age love for instruments that made beautiful sounds, and a love for music and life in general has crafted his mind into always staying true to himself musically, you wont find Glett making a song just because its sounds like so and so..

Glett could be on a bus and an idea will come to me ....out comes the mobile voice recorder.

Musical style with a soul base, but will take the vibe anywhere it requests to be taken.

From being in a vocal group that got signed by sony years back, that fell through and the group splitting thus being completely put off of the music business and the passion to make music.

Fast forward to 2019 the multi genre artist/producer Glett was reborn with a new passion.

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